Project partner:

Fundacion Catalana de l'Esplai - Fundesplai

Project year:
2018 and ongoing

Project mission:

To develop a new museum master plan, together with Fundesplai. This museum aims to be a local and international platform that offers visions life-changing knowledge and innovative solutions for the construction of a sustainable future.

The Story

Fundesplai is a catalan non-profit entity that promotes citizenship and social inclusion. Established over thirty years ago, it annually attends more than 150,000 people through its programs aimed mainly at children and young people. Fundesplai envisioned this project with the objective of expanding their reach and spreading their values ​​and transformative work, also on an international scale. MOTI was invited by the organization to develop the masterplan for the new inictiave and help with the fundraising for it. For six months the team coordinated the work with Fundesplai, specialists and consultants in order to conceptualize and deepen the strategy of establishing this new museum. The master plan for the museum included among other topics a concept design, curatorial plan, the main exhibition's narrative and initial designs, a detailed research and education program. The museological project was developed in partnership with Andres Clerici.