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To inspire and promote international forms of cultural exchange that stimulate synergy, collaboration and mutual learning between Brazil and the Netherlands. With a specific mission to advance sustainable and meaningful forms of living through the theme of the good life in cities, Com Viver is an initiative fully aligned with MOTI’s mission.

The Story

DutchCulture invited MOTI to deliver a campaign strategy for its ongoing Liveable Cities Programme to take place in 2020. Playing with the notion of conviviality as essential to any thriving city, MOTI came up with a campaign narrative that plays with the root word of conviviality, or “to live with” translated to Com Viver, reinforcing the idea that conviviality can only be actualized if practiced in our daily urban lives. The program has been put on hold due to the pandemic of 2020 and is hoped to launch as soon as it is safe to gather physically again. With a diverse program aimed at delivering stimulating forms of cultural exchange through exhibitions, workshops, artistic residencies and musical performances in three major brazilian cities; Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and Brasilia.