Project partner:

BMW Foundation , Futurium, DutchCulture , Humanize, Museum of Tomorrow, UNESCO Chair Futures Literacy at Hanze University.

Project year:
2019 - present

Project mission:

To facilitate a global community of cultural leaders committed to the collective exercise of our imaginations as we nurture our capacity to decolonize futures. Through a shared set of core purposes and values, FORMS aims to become a system of global influence sparking diverse and impactful global collaborations that can assist in the regeneration of our local communities. This is made possible by promoting social experiences and supporting personal leadership while encouraging international collaborations that ignite action for trust-driven and sustainable futures for all.

FORMS radar (by Envisioning)


The Story

Observing the opportunity to create a specific forum for futures oriented museums and institutions MOTI launched FORMS in 2019. FORMS is conceived as a gathering place for future oriented cultural leaders to regularly come together, physically and online, so as to collectively explore ways to collaborate and allow for synergies to emerge using Futures Literacy as its main tool. At every gathering of our community we aim to generate sparks of insights that can blossom into collective actions between members of the community. While originally planned as a yearly physical meeting (launched in October of 2019 in Amsterdam) with the advent of the pandemic of 2020, plans for a second meeting in Berlin were put on hold and a series of online conversations ensued culminating with FORMS participation at the UNESCO Futures Literacy Summit in December 2020. As this nascent community matures, and bonds are strengthened, an exciting program is being developed for 2021 and beyond.