Project partner:

Humanize, BMW Foundation, DutchCulture, Zadelhoff, NEMO, Fundesplai, THNK School of Creative Leadership

Project year:

Project mission:

The time has come for the most forward-thinking museums to unite, exchange knowledge, and to and create synergies towards advancing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the 2030 United Nations Agenda. FORMS, Futures Oriented Museum Synergies, will spark a fluid and continuous dialogue between these museums as they strive to tackle our planet’s most urgent matters in innovative ways.

The Story

MOTI is launching FORMS with leaders of futures-oriented museums from around the world, facilitating new forms of international cultural cooperation towards a wider global conversation, and coordinating such a network towards fertile new grounds yet to be explored.
Despite local and conceptual specificities, particular strategies and narratives, future oriented museums are deeply invested in new ways to engage with their aspirations. They aim to foster critical debate and creative means of action regarding a variety of issues with their audiences. Shared interests and an awareness of a need to re-frame assumptions all point to the ease with which the creation of such a network can yield productive and meaningful connections among these institutions. The first meeting of this network is to take place in Amsterdam at the end of October 2019. Confirmed museums in attendance are: Museum of Tomorrow, Futurium, UN Live Museum, Science Gallery, NEMO Science Museum, among others.