Project partner:

Jonathon Keats
Museu do Amanh√£

Project year:
2020 and beyond

Project mission:

The future is profoundly influenced by futuristic visions from the past. The Museum of Future History is a global cultural institution committed to revealing how the future is routinely colonized by futuristic visions from the past, and to providing resources for more open-ended and pluralistic uses of the future.

The Story

Founded in 2020, the museum is directed by Jonathon Keats in partnership with the MOTI. Acclaimed as a “poet of ideas” by The New Yorker and a “multimedia philosopher-prophet” by The Atlantic, Jonathon Keats is an artist, writer and experimental philosopher. His vision for the Museum of Future History has been fully embraced by MOTI as a strategic partner to turn this vision into a wide reaching and impactful reality. At the core of the museum is a collection of historic objects representing past visions of the future that have shaped the present. Spanning the past couple centuries, the collection is complemented with a selection of new objects representing present-day visions of the future, as well as an archive of past and present written forecasts and predictions.