Raul Corrêa-Smith, Executive Director

With a background in architecture (as a teacher and designer) I seek to be involved in and to help spark, projects that try to imagine new futures, that ask what-if questions, regarding the ways in which we live and inhabit this planet. As Content Director at MOTI I look to fulfill these aspirations, to collectively envision futures and challenge our assumptions about the present. This collective envisioning requires diverse and creative forms of cultural exchange, via conversations and collaborations that can lead to initiatives, exhibitions, and campaigns. My role at MOTI is to assist these collective efforts aimed at sparking our imagination towards positive and inclusive cultural transformation, through planetary narratives that promote prosperous futures for humans, and non-humans alike.

Ana Paula Teixeira, Chief Operations Officer

Eager to contribute to making transformational agendas feasible, I add to MOTI’s team by bringing in experience in the public and cultural sectors. As Project Assistant, I am involved in the programs developed in Brazilian territory and expect to facilitate ideas that tackle contemporary challenges with solution-driven strategies. Innate researcher and mediator, I have a passion for complex issues that demand structured thinking, gathering and conceptualizing information.


Maria Helena Gonçalves, Partnerships Lead

Passionate about cultural diplomacy and sustainable development, Maria Helena has been in the founding team of the Museum of Tomorrow in Rio de Janeiro, where she has been contributing in structuring the Museum's fundraising unit, leading institutional development efforts, acting as the strategic facilitator for the institution interests. Maria Helena is also the museum's international outreach lead, being a key player in foster strategic alliances. Maria Helena is dedicated professional with over 10 years of experience in cultural management in non-profit institutions.

Huub Monincx, Financials & Accounting

I am financial controller who is passionate about arts history and heritage conservation. Next year, I will start my Masters in conversation and restoration at the University of Amsterdam in partnership with the Rijksmuseum. At MOTI, I am responsible to keep financials and accounting on track, while providing guidance on Dutch legal and tax matters.