Project partner:

Avenues: The World School

Project year:
2018 and ongoing

Project mission:

To co-create a Futures Studies program for Avenues, aimed at presenting different perspectives on worldwide challenges and engaging students in acting for sustainable tomorrows.

The Story

Avenues The World School is a school system with branches in New York City and Sao Paulo and future units in Shenzhen and London. Avenues is on a daring mission to equip a future generation of leaders and global citizens with the tools and networks they need to navigate an ever-more interconnected world. Through several meetings and creative workshops we have developed together a conceptual program that combines exciting learning journeys, global exchange, future-building exercises and an engaging curriculum focused on the key themes of the 21st century. It stems from the idea of 'acting for tomorrow', exploring what this means for students, teachers, parents, and beyond.